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Lenght: 1 - 1.5 hour informative seminar

Target audience: Employees

Aim: To get known the basic elements of Organisational excellence

If you would like to introduce the excellence approach to your organization and need some support in informing your employees about the process, explaining them what excellence means, what benefits it brings and to motivate your people to “get on board with you”, then this short seminar is the right choice.

You have decided to implement excellence approach in your organization, you are ready to do it, but you are not sure where to start. The first step is always – to inform and motivate your people. Usually it is not easy to start something new, to change as an organization and there are always people in your organization who are not and in the near future will not be “with you on the bus”, but it is ok, we can help you with the first step – to inform them and motivate those who are ready to join, and then, after the excellence approach implementation, when people see how many positive things it can bring, the people who were not ready before, will be with you and sometimes even will become the most active participants of the process.

During the seminar our trainer, Vanda Novoksonova, will explain to participants what is the excellence approach , what activities should be performed to implement and sustain it, what are the prerequivisites and potential obstacles, giving practical examples of possible situations and solutions.

Seminar can be suited to your situation and needs. The total number of participants depends on your needs, but shouldn’t exceed number of 70 in one seminar.

Language: Latvian, English, or Czech (on demand seminar can be translated into required language, additional charges will be made for translation)

Training format: online/ face to face

Training location: e-Learning platform with ZOOM application /on-site on-site at your premises or ours

Seminar dates: will be regulary announced

Price: will be specified

Full description to download
Informative seminar about EFQM Model and Excellence: Services
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