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Lenght: 5 hours

Target audience: Directors, managers and employees involved in the organisational development or potentially excellence approach implementation

Training group size: 8-12 people from the same organisation

Aim: To understand the model and to practically prepare for the self-assessment and following actions

This training – workshop had been designed for an organization where the excellence approach will be implemented (or is already being implemented) and organization ready to perform their self-assment using the EFQM Model.

Before the workshop, our trainer will collect the needed information about the organization and its aims to prepare the detailed programme.

The training consists of necessary theoretical basis in a small amount, but mainly of different practical activities for participants to understand the excellence approach, EFQM Model, learn how to perform their organization self-assessment and how to use the results for improvement planning. During the workshop the assessors’ team is formed (if not already done before) and after the workshop the team is ready to perform the action – they know all the practical steps - what to do -one by one, what are possible obstacles and how to overcome them.

The training program:

  1. Quality and Excellence approach

  2. Basics of excellence approach

  3. Excellence approach implementation and connection with TQM

  4. Mini case studies of organizations using excellence approach

  5. EFQM Model

  6. Self-assessment process/RADAR methodology

  7. PDCA cycle and results analysis

  8. Continuous improvement process and benefits of it

  9. Excellence recognition levels, external assessment

  10. Self-assessment simulation

Language: Latvian, English, or Czech (on demand training can be translated into required language, additional charges will be made for translation)

Training format: online/ face to face

Training location: e-Learning platform with ZOOM application /on-site on-site at your premises or ours

Price: on demand

Full description to download
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