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Business Excellence implementation

Implementation of Excellence

After I gained deeper understanding of the possibilities and fundamental principles of the GOA-WorkBench® it was clear that the possibilities and advantages provided by this software are useful for documenting and summarizing existing processes and problems, as well as setting goals.

Due to the logic structure of the software every comment, suggestion or description of the problem is automatically included in the development plan and the list of tasks. Thereby overview is provided and similar suggestions can be easily collected. This allows to reduce the duplication and set priorities, thus ensuring purposeful connection between the self-assessment and the organisational development plan.
During the year I participated in the work group I have gained useful experience. While we were analysing and discussing different issues I always drew a parallel analogy with the Virbu elementary school to reconsider different opportunities and solutions.

Achievements and continuous improvement

It is important for me as the director of the school that a certain level of learner, parent and teacher satisfaction is reached. Many things should still be done, but the goal can only be reached step by step; by analyzing mistakes, as well as searching for compromises and the most successful solutions we are moving towards excellence in our school.

Director of Virbu elementary school Sandra Bremane

Experience of Virbu Primary School in Latvia: Projects
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