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Professional expert support during the self-assessment or improvement actions.

It is not too complicated to implement and sustain the excellence approach in the organization, but it could bring some moments of uncertainty in the process and that is the main reason why some consultative support might be needed.

Our expert, Vanda Novoksonova , with many years of experience in consultations and assessments for International Excellence Award – EFQM Award, can help you, e.g., in these situations:

  • you are preparing your organization for an internal excellence assessment.

  • you performed the assessment already and need to understand what to do with the results.

  • you need to know how to work with improvement suggestions.

  • you need a support during the implementation of EFQM Model and sustaining excellence culture in your organization.

You ask for the support when you need it and you pay for the specific job done, no additional charges. Consultations are available through email, online video conferences or face-to-face meetings. Our expert will always do as much as possible to understand your organization and to give you the most suitable and specific suggestions before, during or after the self-assessment process and concerning your organization development in general.

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